Monday, February 2, 2015

baby names

Also known as...tiny human names.

And possibly one of the best parts of creating offspring. (!!!)

I was going to hold this post off another three weeks or so till I was 30 weeks along, but I'm having a super girly moment today so let's discuss.

Really, I don't have anything new or exciting to say about baby names, but I'm really hoping to hear any suggestions you have for our brood AND how you all pick names because that is more exciting then anything I could say. Guaranteed. Whenever Jake wants to cheer me up he offers to chat about baby names because I love chatting about baby names so I'm sorry - this might be long.

I love to obsess over names (especially girl, but so far we have no girls so...) while Jake loves to not obsess and rapidfireshootdown my always "brilliant" suggestions.

Coming up with boy names is HARD (for us). Even though we've played the name game twice already, the third time is stressing me out more than than first two times. I remember looking at all of the papers in the hospital after Rhett was born and seeing his name written on everything, and realizing what a permanent, life long, no-going-back thing it was (unless he decided to change it, but let's be honest, I think that's what we're trying to avoid at least a little bit).

Of course there is the legendary Swistle and I'm sure there are a million amazing name posts swirling around the blogosphere with sage baby naming wisdom. I also like looking at the forums on Nameberry and whenever I find a potential candidate I send it on to Jake. He loves the 4PM texts with the newest bizarro name suggestions. Just loves them.

We love the names we chose for our kids, but certainly don't think they are superior to any other baby names. I guess our name-choice-philosophy is that we try to strike a balance between not-totally-off-the-wall (Yes we have a Rad. Irony be darned!) but not super popular and still sort of traditional tough. We lean almost exclusively towards one syllable names for boys.

We are torn on doing another R name or not doing an R name. ANY thoughts, opinions, dreams/visions, wisdom you want to share on whether we should or should not do an R name pleasepleaseplease share!

So with all that ramble in mind here's out current list of possibilities. Bolded are our top choices with nicknames in parentheses. We will be doing an A middle name to go with the boy's A middle names.

R names:

Reddington (Redd)

Not R names:

Beckett (Beck or Becks)
Henry (Huck)

Even with this list, we're not even kind of settled on any name and I think last night's quote courtesy of Jake went a little something like, "you realize the baby will have to live with this name his ENTIRE life, right?" after my 6th rejected suggestion.

But let's face it. In the end, we are inevitably going to screw up our children in some way, so it's most fitting to start with their name and just get it out of the way, right?


So please suggest and spill your guts on boy names!

Or pray for peace and inspiration in our home.  ;) Pin It


  1. i like changing it up- not an r, beckett or henry! but it's not my baby. but i think reddington if shortened to redd would easily get mixed up with the other names.

  2. My kids both have names that start with V and with my crazy-Mom brain I can never get the right name out when needed. Maybe adding a 3rd R might push you over the edge and you'll resort to yelling, "Hey You!". :) Penn was on our list for our son (who's now 9) - I think it's a great name, as I do Huck. I knew a couple that named their son Huck and he was the most adorable thing ever. Good Luck! Whatever you decide will be great!

  3. Oh what fun to play with names! Since you've already got the R thing going, I'd stick with it. I have a Ryan, so of course I love that, but it's more traditional than Rhett and Rad. I really like Renn. And of the non-R names, my favorites are Finn and Jack. But of course, your opinion is the only one that really matters. Whatever you pick will be perfect for your baby!

  4. Oh my gosh, I'm right there with you on the name thing. I love picking names, helping people pick names, giving unauthorized input on baby naming. We have 4 kids, all of us have A names, even my husband and I, so we're kind of stuck on that now, which is really limiting! And then you have the added challenge with all the same letter of choosing a name that is different enough not to be confusing. But if you guys are only planning on 3 kids, I would stick with all R's so this one doesn't feel like the black sheep, tag on, afterthought. ;) If you're planning on at least one more after this little nugget, I think it's time to mix things up. Grey has the 50 Shades thing going for it right now. I'd steer clear of that one. Miller is such a common last name that the other surnames as first names aren't working for me (Ford and Smith mostly.) My favorites from you lists would be Rome (if you stick with the Rs) and Finn, Beck, Jude or Huck (if you mix things up.)

    A few additional suggestions from good ol' buddy Ann Marie: Cole, Zane, Blaise, Sid, Knox, Ace, Gus

  5. I loved Bennett and Manny, but the hubs hated them, so they got nixed. We didn't name our kids until they were kickin us out of the hospital. :) But we didn't find out gender either, so that made it harder to plan ahead. We ended up with Carter Dickson, Emma Rae, and Laney Rose. Not that the girl names are of any help. Although, sticking with single syllable R names, you could go with Ray. I'm a little partial, it was my dad's name. My middle name is Rae, our daughter's is, obviously the same, and my nephew's middle name is Ray. :)

  6. A friend of mine named their daughter Remington - Remie for short. I always thought that it was cute

  7. I love love Luke. Steven doesn't love it, so I don't think we'll get to use it :( good luck! This naming a kid gig is stressing!!

  8. I've always loved the name Gray (short for Grayson), but the hubs didn't so I didn't get it. However, I like your spelling with Miller. I dig it when vowels match :) My other faves are Henry and Jack. Love them!! I too would steer clear of Redd because it's too much like your other boys' names. The more I think of Renn, then more it grows on me. You guys are so fun! Who in the world would name their kid Rad? However, it TOTALLY works for you and him. Love it! I had the same problem with name obsession. We made it so I could only talk about names on Sunday's, lol!! I say just wait until he comes out and then call him some of your faves. You'll figure it out :D

  9. Change it up.....! I love Huck w/ your other names.

  10. Jude is super cute! Plus if you veer off of the R baby names than he won't feel left out sharing first initial with mom and dad.

  11. Maybe an R or J name. Rex was cute or even Jax. You will find something cute and creative as usual! Good luck! Love reading your blog!

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  13. Not Rome. Rome and Miller don't go together. He'll be "Ro" Miller. Not Henry. If you want your kid called Huck, name him Huck. If you want him named Henry, call him Henry. Royal Miller sounds like a beer. Your list of non "R" names sounds like a list of surnames, except for Jack. I'm a traditionalist, not really on board with these uppity Hollywood kind of non-names (Reddington? Really?) so prefer names like Ryan. My favorite is Michael, so I guess you understand where I'm coming from.

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  16. Love your blog! I have a Logan Jax and a Raiden Kage.

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