Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sneak Attack

Hi. I'm Jake, Julia's husband. I figured since I help Julia sand and prep her furniture that she wouldn't mind if I took a few minutes to write on her blog:)

I've noticed over the course of this blog Julia has tried to keep herself out of as many pictures as possible. I see pictures of me and a lot of Rhett but when it comes to her ... well they're either just of her hands or they're her favorite pictures. So I thought it was time that everybody got to know her a little better and to help with that (drum roll please), I'd like to present 10 things you didn't know about my wonderful wife!

Here goes.

1.  She is a great dancer.

2. She needs at least one nap a day.

3. Cooking is not her favorite pastime. 

4. She get's really excited about road trips and it's very cute.

5. She demands attention when she speaks.

6. She would fight you over Taylor Swift tickets.

and she might just win

7. Julia loves the ocean

But her worst fear is cold water

8. She thinks she's pretty awesome

But we know the whole story:)

9. I love when she pouts

and when she throws fits

10. No matter what she says, she is not praying in this picture.

 I love my wife so much and am so proud of what she's done with this blog. She is the most beautiful woman I know and even though the pictures you'll get of her will usually look amazing like this.

I think this video that I made while she was pregnant really shows how I feel about her:)

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  1. i already thought julia was adorable, and now i just love her even more! it's so nice to see couples SO very much in love, too- you guys are a breath of fresh air.

  2. Your wife is a hottie! Thanks so much for sharing this side of her with us :o)

  3. LOL! Loved this sneak attack. So many adorable qualities to Julia! makes me miss her even more!!!!! wah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is adorable! You guys are both just too cute!

  5. that video is the sweetest thing of all time! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. So cute! The real Julia in action! Don't give any of OUR husbands your ideas! andrea@townandprairie

  7. okay...this was brave. lol I would NEVER let my hubby at my blog!!!!! Cute post. Super different idea. Wonder who might follow your lead...

  8. How stinkin' cute! You're adorable Julia! Love this, great job to hubby!!! :)

  9. Super cute! I delete all the "bad" pictures of me - you're brave :)

  10. LOL....great post by a hubby who loves you! :)

  11. L O V E this Julia!!!

    How awesome for your husband to profile you like this! I think you're are most beautiful when you yawn, yet you most resemble how my daughter slept as a baby when you sleep - lol! Too cool.

    Now we love you even more :)

  12. Speechless. This the is cutest thing I have seen in so long. I love a good love story. You two are awesome. Have to run, Sunday duties with teens calling, putting the dress back on....This is the best time to have fun with each other, before the kids are teenagers!!!!

  13. How adorable! Julia, you are beautiful. How sweet of your hubby and his love for you really shines through. You two are a darling couple. This was a fun post!

  14. i'm with good time charlie... speechless.

    i like you even more now!!!

  15. This post makes me terribly happy!! It is so cute, and i love how much your husband loves you.

    and I agree with everyone else, it makes us love you even more!


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